Coins of Egypt

Coins of Egypt Slot

Coins of Egypt is a new game from NetEnt and they are actually one of my personal favorite slot games, launched in October 2018 and have been a very big favorite for many. The things who make Coins of Egypt to such a good game in my eyes is that the graphics are as extremely good as it is and the game has extremely many features beyond the usual. Coins of Egypt also has an RTP (return to player) of 96.97%, which is very high.

Free Spins

Coins of Egypt do not have a bonus game but instead they offer an extremely beautiful free-spin mode. To activate the free spins mode, you need to have at least two scatter symbols on wheels 1, 3 and 5. The scatter symbol is a white rock with yellow rings around which you will surely encounter at any time the time you play. The game accelerates a bit in the free-spin mode, and you get underground to try to open coffins of different colors by collecting different colors. Under a free-spin mode u can get up to three “chest seal” symbols of one color. When you collect 3 of a color, the coffin will open with that color and the total amount of the coffin will be added to your wallet.

Coins of Egypt is not the first slot game NetEnt reviews with Egyptian theme and probably not the last one either. Coins of Egypt are set in an Egyptian temple where they hide a variety of symbols under the stone blocks. On the side of the game you will find two Greek gods that are dynamic and sometimes make gestures and sounds. In the background one sees that the clouds move with the wind and even palms that occasionally get a breath of breath.

Coins of Egypt is built with 5 reels, 3 lines and 20 different paylines. You can bet from 0,2€ to 200€ per spin, the highest win you win on a single spin is 55 000€.


Coins of Egypt Paytable

The game’s wonderful features

Apart from Freespin’s feature, Coins of Egypt has another very unique feature, called Pharaoh Coin Win Feature. Pharao Coin win feature means that during the main game they can show coins with different values on the playing field. If the collecting coffin pops up on the fifth wheel, it collects the coin values and adds a profit.

In addition to this feature, there is also a wild symbol in Coins of Egypt. It consists of a golden fly. The wild symbol replaces all other symbols so in other words, it increases your chances of winning.

Here is a picture of the wonderful freespins mode and a win is awarded on the red coffin

In the Mobile

You may wonder if Coins of Egypt can be played when you’re on the train, the toilet or at the work. Of course, Coins of Egypt is able playing on your iPhone and Android. The benefits of not need to sit in front of the computer are that you can bring Coins of Egypt exactly where you want. The only drawback is that the screen is smaller, but the graphics are still as good comparing to playing at computer.


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